Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chandni Chowk to China - A disaster movie

After relishing sea food for dinner, I along with my friends went to watch "Chandni Chowk to China." I entered the theatre with a lot of expectations as the lead actor of the film, Akshay Kumar, gave in last year and this was a perfect start to continue ruling the box office in 2009.
The movie was supposed to be a Kung-fu action comedy played out to a Bollywood beat. I hardly found it funny and obviously my friends too. Even though some scenes were really funny, they didn't contribute much to the film's cause. In the movie Sidhu ( Akshay ) plays a dumb vegetable chopper who believes in luck to release him from his daily drudge and butt kicks from his righteous dada (Mithun ). Eventually, Sidhu lands up in China with some villagers who believe that he is the re-incarnation of an ancient Chinese warrior Liu-Sheng who will save them from the terror of Hojo - the villain in the movie.

Huh, the misery for Akshay and the audience continues as I hear some disappointed college crowd screaming and commenting on some of the scenes. Also my friends were banging their heads and pulling the hair from their scalp.

Now back to the movie, Sidhu meets Deepika who plays a double role Sakhi ,a telemarketing model who sells Gizmos usually used in Bond Movies like parachute umbrellas etc on TV and Meow Meow who does Hojo's illegal work. Initially beaten and humiliated by Hojo, how our dumb hero learns Kung-fu and takes his revenge is what the movie all about.

In the movie Sidhu gets to laugh, cry, fight, and dance but only manages to make the audience cry throughout the entire movie. However the two things for me to cheer about in the movie is sensational Deepika who looks awesome with her beautiful smile, looks and fights. The other thing is the Great Wall.

All I want to say that watching this movie would be injurious to health and brain and everywhere, Cheers...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Looking at the oblivion

Finally after mulling for days I decided to shake dust off my lazy ass to pen down something. Guys I am not any wordsmith, so facing a deadlock, completely at loss of words. To cover-up my lazyness I can say I am extremely emotional. lol

However, it is my first post and not so interesting as well. I hope you guys will kick me to continue with it. Wish me luck for my blogging journey.